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Please choose Whonix with XFCE or Whonix with CLI.

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Can I combine Whonix-Gateway CLI with Whonix-Workstation XFCE? Yes!

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Anonymous user #1

2 days ago
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How tf do I get into the dark web???

Anonymous user #1

one day 8 hours 19 minutes ago
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Anon user #1: Tor is the best entry into the "Darknet" and Whonix uses Tor on two virtual PCs to create a mini Tor/Onion network. Personally, I feel using Whonix is useless without first knowing how to use Tor. If you don't want to take time to really learn Tor, and still get extra security by default, run Tails from a usb stick. You will need to take extra time to learn to save things, including settings, with Tails. Only after you have some appreciation for what Tor does on Onion services, is looking into Whonix worthwhile.

Anonymous user #1

2 days ago
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download virtual machine, who nix gateway/workstation - load then open tor
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