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Windows Quick Start

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Whonix for Windows is designed to be a simple introduction for newcomers. It enables people to experiment with Whonix in a familiar environment without the necessity of complex imports or host operating system changes.

As you learn more about how to use Whonix, do not forget that Windows cannot provide a secure foundation for Whonix operations.

Download, Verify and Install Whonix[edit]

Step 1: Download the Installer

Whonix-Installer for Windows

Step 2: Verify the Installer

Download the signing key and the installer's signature.

Verify the installer on the command line.

Step 3: Install Whonix

Execute the verified Whonix-Installer.exe and follow its instructions. [1]

Step 4: Start Whonix

Whonix and all its features may now be enjoyed, either via Whonix.exe or Whonix for Windows, which you should find on the desktop or in VirtualBox.

Step 5: Post-installation Tips


  • Change passwords for "user" and "root" in Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation.
  • Regularly check for security updates and apply them.
  • See Software for a list of pre-installed applications. If necessary, refer to Install Additional Software.
  • Always use the Whonix user interface to shut-down Whonix before shutting down the host system.
  • Read the About, Warning and Do Not pages to ensure Whonix is the right tool for you and its limitations are well understood.


  1. https://www.whonix.org/wiki/DoNot#Do_not_Change_Settings_if_the_Consequences_are_Unknown

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