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Superior Internet Privacy with Whonix

As handy as an app - delivering maximum anonymity and security.

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Learn What Is Whonix?

Whonix gives your desktop
check Maximum privacy and anonymity on the Internet
check More reliability and security than any other tool on the market!

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Whonix runs like an app inside your operating system - keeping you safe and anonymous. Whonix is available for

Is Whonix safer than VPNs?

Whonix VPNs
Hidden IP address (basic) Your IP address acts as a global unique identifier which is linked to your real identity. Any website or server you are connecting to knows your IP address. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) keep a log of IP addresses assigned to you and when you used them. The IP address reveals your approximate physical location to any destination you connect to. YES YES
Hidden Identity Even if your IP is hidden trackers can use "Fingerprinting" techniques to identify you.

Hiding your identity is harder than just hiding your IP!

Whonix protects from browser fingerprinting, and website traffic fingerprinting.
No Logging Whonix cannot log user IP addresses or activity. This is due to a fundamental architecture design decision to keep maximum user privacy.

Most VPNs have a policy of not storing any user data. But if they were forced to do so they could start storing user data easily.
By Design By Policy
Leak Shield Even if a connection is tunneled it can be hijacked inside the browser. One leaky connection already compromises the user's anonymity. Whonix has a watertight leak shield.

Some VPN providers also have a fail-closed mechanism however the quality varies very much and fails against malware.
YES Limited
Server Relays avg. The servers used for tunneling MUST NOT know the user. This is only possible if there are multiple and independent servers as relays on a strict need-to-know basis and onion-layered encryption.

Some VPN providers provide double VPN but it’s still the same provider and lacks distributed trust by design.
4 1
Virus / Malware Protection A malware (virus) free system is crucial because a lot malware is stealing the user's data and identity. Whonix is based on Kicksecure, a hardened, well documented Linux so the user is already safer.

Some VPN subscriptions contain anti-malware scanners but their capability is limited . A better approach is to prevent any malware from entering the system through security hardening and knowledge.
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Keyboard Typing Cloak Trackers can identify their targets by their keyboard typing style. Whonix prevents this kind of attack. YES NO
Timestamp Attack Protection Trackers can identify their targets by minimal divergence from the standard time in the network requests called time attacks. Whonix prevents this kind of attack. YES NO
App Stream Isolation In Whonix distinct pre-installed applications are routed through different network paths for maximum security. YES NO
Open Source / Freedom Whonix has a full dedication to Open Source and Freedom Software. Only some VPNs have open source elements and even less are fully Open Source. YES SOME
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Trusted by Security Experts

Wired Logo For the even more paranoid, there is a lesser-known Tor-enabled OS called Whonix
Edward Snowden I use Qubes and a Whonix gateway literally everyday
1 2 3
TechRepublic Logo Whonix adds a layer of anonymity to your business tasks.
          Guardian Logo Whonix is about as anonymous as an OS can get before it all becomes too inconvenient for normal use.
evolution-host.com Logo All of our staff are aware, for anything privacy critical, Whonix is our go-to solution. Anybody who takes privacy serious should have a Whonix VM at least.
The Intercept Logo Whonix, an operating system you can run in a virtual machine to maximize your online anonymity; it’s ideal for maintaining a secret identity.

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Chip Logo Das linux-basierte Betriebssystem Whonix setzt von Anfang an auf Sicherheit.
HostingAdvice.com Logo Whonix protects user anonymity by routing internet connections through Tor’s network.
Ct Logo Tarnkappe - Mit Whonix anonym im Internet surfen
Heise Online Logo Viele Webseiten verfolgen ihre Besucher mit ausgeklügelten Trackingmechanismen. Whonix macht Schluss damit, ohne dass man Browser-Einstellungen ändern muss.
AT&T Logo The Internet was not designed with anonymity in mind, but things have changed. Anonymity has become a necessary and legitimate objective in many applications.
LinuxSecurity.com Logo This split design allows the user to remain completely anonymous and mitigates the risk of DNS leaks, which reveal private information such as your web browsing history.

Watertight Privacy Architecture

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Whonix handles all your activity in a virtual machine and forces all Internet traffic through the Tor network to provide the strongest protection of your IP address.

Fully Featured with Advanced Security Components

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