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About Developers[edit]

Whonix initially has been created by (at least) three people, see Authorship. A lot other people reserve credit, as outlined on the Authorship page. Please carefully read the Disclaimer.

Documenting what Whonix does and what Whonix does not do is more a task for documenting what it does not do. Quoted from the About page: "Remember, Whonix is based on Debian, KDE, VirtualBox, Tor and Tor Browser. It is nothing very special. To oversimplify it: Whonix is just a collection of configuration files. 1"

The result (Whonix) creates a picture in some people's minds that Patrick Schleizer (Whonix developer) must be similar to Tor developers a genius and expert for all kinds of technical topics. The facts are quite the opposite...

Patrick Schleizer:

  • Has initiated the TorBOX project, which was later renamed to Whonix. (See History.)
  • Initially had some help by (at least) two different people.
  • Many improvements are based on reading documentation, papers, researching, stating questions, discussion, communication with the community.

What Patrick Schleizer is NOT an expert for:

  • Tor source code
  • Tor anonymity
  • Security
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Exploits
  • Hardening
  • ...

Creating Whonix was quite simple and you'll see it yourself if you care to read the source code and technical design. There was a learning curve involved and time investment. That does NOT make me automatically an expert in all kinds of topics.

Random News:

Have you contributed to Whonix? If so, feel free to add your name and highlight what you did on the Whonix authorship page.

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