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Quick Start Guide

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Documentation is critical to the correct operation and maintenance of the Whonix OS. Further, technical manuals describe the operation and use of programs, and how to set up specialist configurations.

In an effort to create a high-quality, usable and stable OS, the Whonix community is making every effort to provide users with documentation that is more accessible.

Whonix Quick Start[edit]

Newcomers to Whonix are recommended to first start reading:

If possible, have the relevant installation guide for Qubes, VirtualBox or KVM on hand when first installing Whonix. It will answer many questions and help users to quickly install, start and update a functional Whonix system for their relevant platform. Users might later want to go through:

Random News:

Are you proficient with iptables? Want to contribute? Check out possible improvements to iptables. Please come and introduce yourself in the development forum.

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